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What is Upper-Room UV Air Disinfection

Upper-Room UVC is the oldest disinfection application of the germicidal wavelength and is approved for improved control of highly contagious airborne diseases.

Fight Germs With UVC Lighting

Use the power of light to inactivate viruses and bacteria, so they can no longer multiply or make people ill. UVC lighting is a proven disinfectant for air, surfaces and water that is effective and fast.

UVC Light Basics: How It Works

UV Resources presents a whiteboard overview of the basics of UVGI energy and how it can reduce energy and maintenance while improving indoor air quality.

How Upper-Room UV Works

Upper-Room/Air Germicidal Ultraviolet systems work by interrupting the transmission of airborne infectious diseases in high traffic communal areas.

5 Benefits of UVC

Learn about the many benefits of using UVC energy, all available in the products from UV Resources.

University of Arkansas Campus

UVGI energy transformed and restored HVACR performance at the University of Arkansas, cutting energy consumption by between 10-35%.

Miami Office Building

Retrofit doubles HVAC cooling capacity with 5-month ROI. Improved HVACR heat transfer efficiency so that the same temperature was achieved using just 40% of the previous energy used.

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Improves Air Quality

LAX took a proactive approach to provide better air quality for millions of travelers; boosting HVACR efficiency and reducing energy consumption using UVC energy.


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