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UV-C Lights – Do They Improve Indoor Air Quality?

UV + Filters Combine to Inactivate Pathogens

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Boost School Ventilation Rates


How UVC Disinfects Airstreams

What is Upper-Room UVC?

How to Specify UVC

Basics & Benefits of UVC Systems

When to Change UVC Lamps

4 Steps to Better HVAC Efficiency

Inactivate Airborne Pathogens with UV Airstream Disinfection

Learn why the CDC and ASHRAE recommend UVC to slow the spread of infectious diseases.

Case Studies

BayView Corporate Tower

Commercial Office

When competing for premier office tenants in a high-rent market like south Florida, buildings better have the best finishes and systems to stand out from the competition. This project on a commercial building illuminates the advantages of UV lighting retrofits for HVAC systems. Ultraviolet C technology transforms HVAC system performance, yielding a 47 percent increase in airflow, 90-day payback period and cleaner, healthier air for commercial tenants.


47% Increase In Airflow

90-Day Payback Period

Harbour Centre at Aventura

Commercial Office

This commercial office retrofit doubles HVAC cooling capacity with 5-month ROI. The germicidal UVC energy improved HVACR heat transfer efficiency so much so that the same temperature was achieved using just 40% of the previous energy used.


Doubled HVAC Cooling Capacity

40% Less Energy Used

Schenectady Community College


The threat of colds and flu is elevated at schools and universities, where thousands of students, faculty and staff congregate–bringing their germs with them. In this project a community college combats infection with ultraviolet upper air technology.


Provided Level of Air Purification Previously Unattainable

Safeguarded 400,000 Sq. Ft. and 6,500 Students

University of Arkansas


Battling moisture, this university finds an ultraviolet solution. Facility managers found germicidal UVC technology to be a cost-efficient and lasting means to remove biological growth from HVAC systems. For the University, “this upfront cost is a mere fraction of the 10-25 percent potential reduction in energy and maintenance costs UVC offers.”


Coil Irradiation Boosted Airflow by 127%

Avg. Installed Cost for Coil Irradiation is $0.15 per CFM

Kentucky Regional Medical Center


Engineers at this facility struggled to keep the hospital’s cafeteria cool amid the Blue Grass State’s humid climate. To combat this problem this regional medical center transformed their HVAC performance by installing the RLM Xtreme and now delivers 35 percent more airflow. They also reduced energy consumption and saved $20,000 using UVGI energy technology.


Coil Irradiation Boosted HVAC Capacity by 35%

Saved $20,000 & Restored HVAC System Performance

LAX Airport


LAX Airport enhances passenger health and restores HVAC system performance through UVGI technology. LAX Airport decided to take a proactive approach to provide better air quality for millions of travelers by working with UV Resources. This project boosts HVAC efficiency and reduces energy consumption using UVC energy, a move that has the potential to save $180,000 annually.


Saved $180,000 Annually in Energy Costs

Increased Airflow Levels by 15% (2,000 cfm)

Doggie Daycare


This doggie daycare grows its business by making animal welfare a priority. Doting attendants, webcams and sanitation best practices ensure repeat business for the owners of this North Carolina-based pet care facility. Then when they learned the business could affordably incorporate protection against airborne pathogens, managers jumped at the chance to offer this extra safeguard—both for the animals and their community reputation.


Supplemented the Pet Care’s Existing Infection Control Procedures

Added Upper-Room UVC Disinfection to Common Areas and Lobby

UVC in HVAC System to Clean Airstreams and Cooling Coils