RLM Xtreme

Highest Reduction of Infectious Microbes

The RLM Xtreme fixtureless UVC lamp system delivers high-output ultraviolet energy to irradiate coils and destroy mold, bacteria and viruses in demanding and high-volume HVAC environments.

Ideal for both new and retrofit applications, the Xtreme lamp system combines the best UVC components in a simple, flexible and affordable design that’s easily configurable to fit into most any plenum.

Fixtures have been independently tested to UL2998 and verified ozone-free.

Specs and Certifications

Lamps included with this fixture provide an average of 9,000 hours of operation.
Input power voltage configuration.
Primary disinfection mode: Air & Surface, Air or Surface.
Primary fixture mounting: internal duct/plenum or external duct/plenum.
Electrical/ballast enclosure rating as defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).
Product is free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of first purchase.
Fixture verified not to produce ozone as a "certified air cleaning device."

Fueled by growing demand, today’s UVC systems need to offer application flexibility, ease of sizing and installation, and attractive cost of ownership – and RLM Xtreme leads the way. Fixtures have been independently tested to UL2998 and verified ozone-free.

Xtreme’s unique LampClamp™ allows lamps to be affixed most anywhere. It also compresses the lamp plug and socket together to fully protect the connection from moisture or direct water. LampHolsters™ complement the LampClamp by allowing UV lamps to simply “slip-in” and click in place, so that they overlap one another. This eliminates the need for multiple lamp lengths and provides for more “free” energy where it’s needed most. EncapsuLamp™, UV Resources’ Teflon® lamp coating technology, protects the system, space, and installer from the residues of a broken lamp such as inert gas, mercury, and glass.

No matter what the application may be, Xtreme is the easiest UVC system to install and service available in the marketplace.

  • Specifically designed for Xtreme environments
  • Xtreme output: >420 µW/cm² at 1 Meter
  • 360° distribution – highest UVC fluence available
  • Unlimited lamp configurations
  • Industry’s easiest to install and maintain
  • Industry’s lowest cost of ownership
  • Highest reduction of infectious microbes
  • Destroys coil/drain pan mold and bacteria
  • EncapsuLamp™ technology for superior safety
  • Designed for direct water wash-downs
  • Worldwide lamp and ballast availability
  • Minimal lamp sizes/less inventory
  • Meets/exceeds U.S. mercury content standards
  • UL, CUL, CE and other agency listings
  • 5-year fixture warranty
  • 1-year lamp warranty

UV-C Fixturing – Fixturing shall consist of a Power Supply, Power Supply Housing, “plenum rated” Wiring Loom, Lamp Plug, Lamp-Plug Protector, Encapsulated Lamp, and LampHolsterTM.

Power Supply – Power supply shall be CSA and UL Listed as a variable input type (120-277Vac ± 10%), 50-60 Hz with a programmed rapid start. They shall be designed as High Power Factor, Class P, Sound Rated “A”, Type 1 Outdoor and with Inherent Thermal Protection and no PCB’s. They shall be capable of operating in temperatures of from 1-90 degrees C, designed to facilitate plug-and-play wiring and be capable of producing the specified output and organism destruction at no more than 15Watts of power consumption for each square foot of treated, cross sectional area. The power supply shall be capable of properly powering 1- 145W UV-C lamp or 1- or 2- 75W UV-C lamps while ensuring at least 9000 hours of lamp life, and with greater than 80% of its initial output, at the lamps “end of Lamp life” phase. Power supply shall be protected against “end of lamp life” conditions, warranted for 5 years, and be labeled for field wiring. Power supply shall be installed interior or exterior to air handler within a power supply housing (noted in paragraph 2) or a NEMA 4 enclosure (by others).

Power Supply Housing – Shall be constructed of 20ga galvanized, powder coated steel. They shall be designed to facilitate NEC regulated Power Supply installation outside plenums. Each Housing shall be capable of properly holding, grounding and wiring either four or eight ballasts within to protect against electrical shock and moisture, as well as RF and EMI leaks.

Plenum Rated Wiring Loom – Shall be of sufficient length to facilitate lamp connection to a remotely located power supply. The Lamp and Loom shall be capable of being mounted anywhere in the system and/or as shown on the drawings. The Loom shall be meet UL Subject 13 and UL 1581, and Article 725 of the NEC. The loom jacket shall be constructed of UV-C resistant materials and shall have an internal aluminum/Mylar shield.

Lamp Plug – Shall be of the 4- pin type capable of accommodating a single-ended HO lamp.

Lamp-Plug Protector – Shall of UV resistant materials and designed to shrink 3-1 over the Lamp Plug and Wiring Loom for protection against electrical shock, moisture and separation.

LampHolsterTM – LampHolsters are dual types, magnetically or permanently affixed within the irradiated cavity to interior surface of air handler or to vertical supports (by others). They shall be constructed of UVC resistant materials and provide for maximum flexibility in quick Lamp positioning, removal and holding power.

EncapsulampTM Lamps – Each lamp shall contain less than 8 milligrams of mercury and shall be hermetically laminated with a thin layer of UV-C transmissible Teflon® to provide protection against lamp breakage and to ensure lamp contents from a broken Lamp are contained. Lamp life shall be 9000 hours with no more than a 20% output loss at the end of the lamps life. Lamps shall be constructed with UV-C proof material bases and shall not produce ozone.

Irradiation – Fixtureless lamps are to be installed in sufficient quantity and in such a manner so as to provide an equal distribution of the available UV-C energy. When installed, the UV-C energy produced shall be of the lowest possible reflected and shadowed losses and shall be distributed in a 360 degree pattern within the cavity to provide the highest UV-C energy absorption by microbial products in the air.

Intensity – The minimal UV-C energy striking a surface shall be sufficient to continuously destroy a mono-layer of mold and/or bacteria in less than one hour while operating in air temperatures of 1-70° C.

Installation – The ballast housing shall be capable of installation within the air stream and/or within a Power Supply Housing. Lamps shall be mounted to irradiate the intended surface(s) as well as all of the available line of sight airstream through proper Lamp placement and incident angle reflection.

Safety – To protect personnel, all access panels and doors to any UV-C assembly and/or within view of any UV-C assembly must include mechanical interlock switch to insure that all UV-C assemblies will be de-energized when any of these accesses are opened.


UV-Com™ Lamp/Ballast Monitor

  • Simple Go/No Go “real-time” verification of both lamp and ballast operation
  • Provides a highly visible green status LED indicator locally

Door Safety / Interlock Switch

  • Designed to automatically de-energize the UVC system when opened
  • Required for all AHU access points

Viewport / Access Door

  • Clear, single-pane doors
  • Polished wired glass that is UL-classified and fire-resistant

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