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Germicidal lamps are the heart and soul of your UV disinfection system

We have hundreds of lamps in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Our high-quality, direct-fit UV lamps (DFL) are guaranteed to meet or exceed a variety of brands, specifications and applications. Our technical consultants have decades of expertise in the modeling, commissioning and maintenance of UV technology.

Since 2005, we’ve worked to ensure that all our direct-fit lamps provide the same, if not better, performance than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). UV Resources has long-standing strategic relationships with most every UV-C lamp manufacturer, assuring you top quality UV-C lamps at a reasonable price.


  • 9,000+ Hour Worry-Free Operational Life
  • High- and Standard-Output Options
  • Certified Ozone-Free


  • Lengths: 8″-61″
  • Dimensions: T5 (5/8″), T6 (6/8″) and T8 (1″), PLL, etc.
  • Shatter Resistant: All lamps can be ordered with an FEP/ EncapsuLamp™ protective coating
  • Lamp Styles: Double or Single-Ended
  • Pin Configurations: 4-Pin, Medium and Mini Bi-Pin, Single-Pin, “keyed” lamp ends, etc.

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UV-C Lamp 101

In addition to inactivating airborne and surface-bound pathogens, germicidal UV technology boosts cooling capacity, saves energy and lowers HVAC maintenance.