Across multiple industries, engineers and facility managers look to UV Resources and our germicidal solutions for market-leading performance, ease of installation and competitive pricing.

Infection Mitigation

Germicidal UV is an extremely promising control strategy against infectious agents.


School administrators are turning to UV Light to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.


Reduce healthcare-acquired infections and mitigate airborne pathogens.

HVAC Efficiency

Increase HVAC heat-transfer efficiency and reduce energy use up to 25%.

Product Innovations

Learn more about the innovative technologies and pioneering features that we offer.

Infection Control

Inactivate airborne pathogens and slow disease spread with our germicidal UV solutions.

Replacement Lamps

We have hundreds of lamps ready for immediate shipping.

Property Management

Safeguard building occupants while decreasing HVAC energy use.


Get the most from your germicidal disinfection system.

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