Clean, Healthy Air with UV-C

The RLM Xtreme delivers high-output UV energy to irradiate coils and destroy microbial buildup in high-volume environments.
The NEMA-4 outdoor-rated DLX-N fixture efficiently disinfects HVAC/R airstreams, improves heat transfer efficiency and reduces HVAC energy use.
The X-Plus is a low-cost, reliable and quickly serviceable unit for hard to reach plenums in virtually any size unit.

Clean, Healthy Air:

The quality of the air we breathe is just as important as the quality of the water we drink. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens in the air are just as dangerous as pathogens in our drinking water.

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Proven Infection Mitigation:

UV-C is Mother Nature’s original germ remover.

Nearly eight decades of research and thousands of applications in hospital ER and operating rooms, urgent care centers, universities and first-responder locations have proven the efficacy of UV-C to inactivate airborne and surface-bound viruses and bacteria.

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The ABCs of IAQ:

Learn why our UV-C installations help make air cleaner and healthier, mitigate disease transmission, and inactivate microbial contaminants that impede HVAC efficiency.

The ABCs of IAQ



microbes in
<1 second


99% of


HVAC energy use
up to 20%


heat transfer efficiency
up to 14.5%


no VOCs, chemicals
or ozone

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Air Quality
  • In a 2023 document titled “Design Guidance for Education Facilities: Prioritization for Advanced Indoor Air Quality,” ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.7 (TC9.7) members recommend UV-C as an effective strategy to improve school indoor air quality (IAQ)....

  • Launched in 2021, the campaign provides technical assistance and recognition to school districts in implementing high-impact indoor air quality and efficiency improvements that will reduce energy bills and improve student and teacher health and performance. ...

  • Did you know that air quality impacts students’ health, concentration, attendance, and even academic performance? Indoor air quality (IAQ) plays a critical role in lowering the risk of infectious diseases, which seriously affects educational success. Yet, to date, only 7% of schools have embraced UV...