Inactivate Airborne Pathogens & Slow Disease Spread

The RLM Xtreme delivers high-output UV energy to irradiate coils and destroy microbial buildup in high-volume environments.
The X-Plus is a low-cost, reliable and quickly serviceable unit for hard to reach plenums in virtually any size unit.
The High-Output DEF series provides up to 2X the UV-C irradiation as standard output fixtures to kill the toughest surface and airborne microbial buildup.

Reduce Disease Transmission & Enhance Air Quality:

Our germicidal UV solutions help disinfect airstreams, mitigate disease transmission, and inactivate microbial contaminants that impede HVAC efficiency. Both the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)* and ASHRAE recommend UV-C to protect against airborne viruses.

*SOURCE: CDC COVID-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings.

Proven Infection Mitigation:

Nearly eight decades of research and thousands of applications in hospital ER and operating rooms, urgent care centers, universities and first-responder locations have proven the efficacy of UV-C to inactivate airborne and surface-bound viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi. UV-C’s germicidal or germ-killing effects are well proven.

Effective Airstream Disinfection:

Germicidal UV-C air disinfection systems are installed in a building’s HVAC ductwork to disinfect airstreams. Wall-mounted upper-room fixtures inactivate particles and aerosols generated by infectious individuals.

How to Disinfect Airstreams:



microbes in
<1 second


99% of


HVAC energy use
up to 20%


heat transfer efficiency
up to 14.5%


no VOCs, chemicals
or ozone

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