UV Fixtures Sizing For HVAC: There’s An App For That!

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UV Fixtures Sizing For HVAC: There’s An App For That!

For many HVAC contractors and facility engineers, properly sizing HVAC UV-C systems has been a mystery.

Fortunately, as with most things today, there is an app for that.

The UV Select™ sizing App from UV Resources uses two simple measurements to immediately suggest the UV-C equipment that best complies with ASHRAE guidelines for Ultraviolet Surface Treatment. Simply input the height (H) and width (W) of an air handler’s coil and plenum, and the app calculates the appropriate equipment requirements and list price.

Whether you are an Android loyalist or Apple junkie, you can download this free app and immediately start winning more business.

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In the dark days, before this helpful app, sizing UV fixtures for contractors and building germicidal engineers was a mysterious guess and check process. Contractors shied away from using UV-C as a “tool in their bag,” and when they would suggest it, it often resulted in multiple trips to the installation site to survey the equipment and figure out what to install. This was a time-consuming and complicated ordeal. Moreover, even once the proper sizing information was acquired, it would likely be inexact, resulting in over-priced quotes. These difficulties discouraged many end-users from pursuing UV for their air handlers and contractors from even taking on UV installation projects.

The UV Select sizing app has completely simplified this process. “UV Resources personnel were among the first to develop modern HVAC sizing and performance software for UV-C applications, so it’s only natural that we’re the industry’s first to develop a convenient mobile sizing app,” says Dan Jones, President of UV Resources.

Quoting UV equipment is now literally just a matter of taking a few measurements and letting the app do the rest. The app allows users to find a local distributor of the product (and many times an even better price) and jump straight into the installation and boost their productivity. Higher productivity translates to more business and, ultimately, greater profits.

So get out of the dark ages of sizing UV lamps manually and step into the digital age. Download the UV Sizing App today on iTunes or Google Play.