Why HVAC/R Professionals Choose UV Resources UV-C Systems?

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Why HVAC/R Professionals Choose UV Resources UV-C Systems?

Proven, Market-Leading Solutions

Over the past couple of decades, light energy in the Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) wavelength (253.7 nm) has been harnessed to kill and prevent the growth of, virtually all known microorganisms living HVAC/R components, such as cooling coils, plenum surfaces, drain pans and on air filters.

The benefits of this, as observed by building owners, contractors and even homeowners, have been maximized system efficiencies, reduced maintenance and improved indoor environmental quality.

In fact, as commercial air handlers are cleaned of organic materials and biofilm growth, airflow and heat-exchange levels are significantly improved and HVAC performance is returned to its original “as-built” specifications. This efficiency can slash 10 to 25 percent of HVAC energy use, dramatically decrease system maintenance costs and deliver cleaner, healthier air.

Clearly, any air handling system can benefit significantly by incorporating UV-C technology. That being said, why do many HVAC/R professionals turn to UV Resources for solutions? After all, there are other manufacturers out there.

Through its pioneering role in developing UV-C technology and its dedication to prioritizing practical solutions over extraneous upgrades in product development, UV Resources has become the most affordable, common sense UV manufacturer in the market.

UV Resources Pioneered Modern UV-C in HVAC Equipment

We didn’t invent UV-C. Since the 1940s, UV-C technology has been used to disinfect upper air streams in schools and hospitals (falling out of popularity only after the introduction of antibiotics). However, Forrest Fencl — our late founder and a respected industry leader— pioneered the modern application of UV-C in HVAC/R equipment.

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Indeed, Fencl and his team collaborated on 17 UV-C technology patents and several ASHRAE Handbook chapters related to ultraviolet air and surface treatment. The company’s founders are also credited with developing the first modern UV-C sizing and efficacy software for air conveyance systems. UV Resources has been a key driver in advancing this technology; collaborating on UV-C research, authoring white papers and technical articles, and leading the industry’s expansion through science and education.
Essentially, UV Resources paved the way for all who followed. We have the original recipe.

UV Resources Values Practicality Over “Fluff”

UV Resources doesn’t develop products and product upgrades for the sake of developing them. Rather, we strive for practical solutions to real problems that installers and engineers face in their facilities on a day-to-day basis.

  • Recognizing the need for safety, UV Resources uses EncapsuLamp™ FEP (Teflon®) coating technology on its UV-C lamps to protect the system, space, and installer from the residues of a broken lamp such as inert gas, mercury and glass. UV Resources has introduced a prewired, 24-volt safety controller that automatically de-energizes a UV-C system when HVAC/R doors or access panels are opened.

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  • Developing installer-friendly features on UV-C lamps is a priority for UV Resources. LampClamp™ technology allows lamps to be affixed most anywhere while compressing the lamp plug and socket together to fully protect the connection from moisture or direct water. Complementing this are LampHolsters™ that allow UV-C lamps to simply “slip-in” and click in place, so that they overlap one another.
  • Monitoring lamp and ballast performance is critical to maintaining UV-C’s energy-saving benefits but can be a hassle when multiple units are involved. CU2™ technology provides both a visual and signal method of verifying lamp and ballast on-off operation. If either a lamp and/or ballast cease to function, the facility engineer is alerted—eliminating the need for individual unit monitoring, and saving labor on applications with multiple AHUs.

You could say that UV Resources has a practical litmus test for everything it develops—will it simplify installation, maintenance and performance for the installer and end user?

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UV Resources is the Most Cost-Effective

UV Resources offers the most cost-effective UV-C lamps on the market. Period

With an average installed cost of $0.15 per CFM, and many users reporting paying even less for an installed UV-C system with high output lamps, the cost of investment is truly minimal.

Using a 10,000 CFM system as the example, the installed UV-C fixtures would cost $1,500, with an annual operating cost of $188 at $0.10/kW – operating 24/7/365. That is less than one percent of the average 18 percent power savings gained through a more efficient (better heat transfer & lower pressure drop) air conditioning system.

Furthermore, field reports indicate that the initial cost of a UV lamp system is about the same as one properly performed coil-cleaning procedure, and less when system shutdowns, off-hours work with the associated overtime, and/or contractor labor costs, are considered. As a result, it might be more rational to make a one-time investment in a UV-C system that will keep cooling coils at as-built conditions and cut energy costs by 10-25 percent.

In short, UV Resources set the stage for the modern use of UV-C in HVAC/R systems and continues to focus on developing common-sense solutions that are the most affordable on the market. For more information, please visit https://www.uvresources.com/

Why HVAC/R Professionals Choose UV Resources UV-C Systems?

  • UV Resources pioneered the modern application of UV-C technology for HVACR equipment
  • Exclusive UV-C Sizing Calculator (download at the App Store or Google Play
  • UV Resources specifications in MasterSpec – a product of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • Name-brand UV-C components in a simple, flexible and affordable design that’s easily configurable
  • At the forefront of development and engineering of UV technology for HVAC/R equipment and applications
  • Online Resource Center houses specifications, submittals, manuals, design guidelines, training and industry resource links
  • Full-service design support team of professional designers and project managers